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oil and gas africa award soluforce 2014

SoluForce® named “Manufacturer / Supplier of the Year”

SoluForce®, part of Pipelife International GmbH, one of the world's leading suppliers of plastic pipe systems, has been named “Manufacturer / Supplier of the Year” at the Africa Oil & Gas Awards 2014. SoluForce manufactures and markets Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP), the high pressure flexible pipe system for the oil and gas industry.

The Africa Oil & Gas Awards are the only awards for the industry in the continent and are judged by a panel of Energy Ministries, Oil & Gas companies and market experts from across Africa. They recognise achievements in Africa’s oil and gas sector, rewarding those companies which have played a defining role in moving the industry forward.

SoluForce, based in the Netherlands and operational since the year 2000 is recognised for its  originality in the design of their Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP). The range of high pressure RTP pipe systems have been  developed in close cooperation with several oil and gas operators. Recent innovations include the High Temperature pipe system (up to 85°c) and the new Gas Tight pipe system. The innovative features of the SoluForce pipe system create a number of benefits for the operators, installation crews and local communities which ensure a safe and environmental friendly flexible composite pipe system.

The state of art product range offers a completely non-metallic pipe system which can be used for various oil- and gas field applications both onshore and offshore, next to this we offer a long (maintenance free) life time, fast installation, limited environmental footprint and a very robust flexible pipe system.

Innovation and customer satisfaction form the base of our product developments and are core values of the complete SoluForce team, from product development to our installation teams in the field.  

Soluforce heavy high pressure temperature flexible flowline oil and gas

SoluForce High Temperature (HT)

The true high temperature flexible pipe solution for the oil and gas industry.

As the technological leader in the manufacturing of RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) SoluForce® now introduces the SoluForce High Temperature (HT). A unique, high temperature, plastic pipe qualified for high pressure gas, hydro-carbon, water, and multiphase applications.

Typical applications of the SoluForce HT pipe are:

• High pressure water injection lines
• Oil and gas transportation flow lines
• Gas and oil gathering lines

With a uniquely manufactured HDPE high temperature layer it is now possible to transport fluids up to a temperature of 85°C / 185°F with the SoluForce HT pipe. With a track record in the oil and gas industry, SoluForce® takes the next step in flexible RTP solutions.


• Very high operating pressures, up to 150 barg / 2250 psig
• Max ambient and/or fluid temperature 85°C / 185°F
• Resistant to inorganic acids like HCI, H2SO4
• Resistant to alkaline materials including NaOH and
   KOH solutions
• Maximum partial gas pressure of 21 barg / 305 psig
• Up to 0.3 barg / 4.35 psig partial pressure H2S applications
• Easy and fast installation
• No scaling / No erosion
• Maintenance free
• Design life up to 50 years

Click here to download the SoluForce High Temperature (HT) datasheet.

SoluForce classic gas tight flowline

SoluForce Gas Tight (GT)

With a track record in the oil and gas industry, SoluForce takes the next step in flexible RTP solutions with the introduction of the SoluForce Gas Tight (GT). A unique, non-permeable, corrosion resistant plastic pipe qualified for high pressure gas, hydro-carbon, water, and multiphase applications.

Typical applications of the SoluForce GT pipe are:

• Water distribution / injection lines
• Oil and gas transportation flow lines
• Gas and oil gathering lines
• Gas utility pipelines

With a uniquely manufactured bonded aluminium layer the possibility of light components and gasses permeating out of the SoluForce GT pipe is not possible therefore it eliminates possible health, safety and environmental issues. Unlike other flexible pipe designs, no venting of permeated gases is needed thus reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Click here to download the SoluForce Gas Tight (GT) datasheet.