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SoluForce Offshore

High-pressure plastic pipe systems for offshore use

SoluForce RTP is a suitable and a cost-effective solution for offshore applications, such as water injection lines, oil and gas flowlines and static risers up to 6 inches in diameter. SoluForce may also be recoiled and reused for well intervention risers and test lines.

Typical applications of SoluForce Offshore pipes are:

• High-pressure water injection lines
• Oil and gas transportation flowlines
• Gas and oil gathering lines
• Well intervention
• Landing / export lines

At SoluForce we work directly with oil operators, subsea contractors, engineering companies, and industry suppliers to provide the added value required to run a complex project. The SoluForce RTP pipe is easy to install, making it a durable and economical solution for your offshore use.

SoluForce offers a number of advantages over conventional (stainless) steel pipe and other flexible pipe systems:

• SoluForce is completely corrosion resistant even in extreme sour service
• SoluForce has a smooth bore. This ensures a much lower flow resistance and
  improved flow capacity
• SoluForce has an external pressure resistance with a maximum empty water depth use  
  of 80 metres/260 feet. However, when fluid filled, SoluForce may be used even in deep
  water. As a temporary test line, SoluForce has been used at a water depth of
  1000 metres/3280 feet. 

SoluForce is happy to advise you about the various options.

offhore flexible flowine datasheet
The SoluForce Offshore datasheet

Hydrostatic Collapse Resistance

SoluForce is suitable for static applications. An engineering design guideline is available upon request. Please contact Soluforce.


Soluforce is not an engineering design consultant and cannot undertake the design of offshore pipelines. We are able to recommend offshore design consultants who know the Soluforce product range and have experience of using it in offshore designs. For dynamic applications please consult Soluforce.

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