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of Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP) / Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP)

SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipe (also called Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) delivers the benefits of next-generation technology, today! It provides a significant improvement in the way hydrocarbons, water and gas are transported in a number of key areas. 

1. Solves corrosion problems
2. Fast installation
3. No scaling - no erosion
4. Re-usable
5. Maintenance free
6. Design life up to 50 years
7. 400 meters length per coil
8. Very robust


Solves corrosion problems

SoluForce offers a complete non-metallic pipe system. SoluForce Light and Classic are resistant to ALL chemicals involved in the transportation of water and hydrocarbons. 


Fast installation

With a small team and limited environmental footprint the SoluForce RTP pipe is easy and quick to install.


No scaling - No erosion

The smooth SoluForce liner (Darcy Weisbach surface roughness (e) 0.0015mm) is suitable for transporting any water and hydrocarbon contents without limitations to any chemicals (like H2S, CO2 and others).  



The SoluForce RTP pipe can be re-used multiple times. 


Maintenance Free

The SoluForce RTP pipe system requires no maintenance.


Design life up to 50 years

The SoluForce RTP pipe system has a life expectancy of 20 years (surface installed) and 50 years (burried).


400 meters length per coil

The long lengths of SoluForce RTP pipe per coil means a reduction in transportation costs versus conventional steel pipe. Next to this the installation is much faster and the coils are easy to handle in the field. 


Very robust

The design of the SoluForce RTP system is such that it can endure very heavy loads, protecting the fluids in the system from external influences and third party interference.