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Soluforce end-fitting connection concept (flange)

In order to hook-up the Soluforce pipeline to existing pipe work the Soluforce end-fitting is used. The end-fitting is a combination of an electrofusion end-fitting sleeve and several steel parts.

The Soluforce electrofusion end-fitting sleeve basically consists of a GRE -reinforced plastic sleeve, with an integrated copper heating-coil. To make the connection the plastic sleeve is electrofused on the pipe-end. After electrofusion the end-fitting and the pipe-end are fully integrated. To connect the pipe-end to the existing pipe work the steel parts are put in place. The steel parts mechanically interlock on the plastic sleeve and can be bolted to the existing pipe works by means of a standard flange.

For all pipe sizes the Soluforce standard end-fitting product has a SS316 6″ 600 pounds ANSI RF flange, which easily can be bolted to the existing pipeworks.


Soluforce end-fitting connection concept (flange) in 5 steps

1. Reading the coupler data

The CNC-unit will lead the operator through the welding procedure. By running the “bar code reader” over the barcode the end-fitting is identified and the end-fitting welding procedure started

2. Scraping the pipe surface

By using the pipe-end scraping tool the top-layer of the pipe-cover is removed over the entire pipe surface and length of the end-fitting.

3. Trimming the pipe end

After loading the pipe-end into the welding frame the trimming tool is put in place to trim the pipe-end.

4. Welding of the electrofusion sleeve

The cleaned end-fitting sleeve is pushed over the cleaned pipe-end and fixed between the clamps. The fusion leads are connected to the end-fitting terminals and the electrofusion started (photo 16). The CNC-unit will check the connection and when the connection is approved electrofusion is started by energizing the copper heating-coil for about 4 minutes. When the electrofusion is finished the fitting must be cooled for about 30 minutes. After expiry of the cooling time, the welding parameters are  checked by the CNC-unit. If the welding parameters are within the specifications, the connection is approved (“Parameters OK” is displayed).

5. Assembly of the steel parts

Now the end-fitting connection can be taken out off the welding frame. After installation of the steel parts the pipe can be connected to the existing steel pipeline.