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Soluforce® Welding equipment kit

The Soluforce® welding kit contains all the necessary tools to weld the Soluforce® fitting system. The kit is packed in a 20 ft container. The main part is the Soluforce® welding tool, which is based on standard available equipment modified for the welding of the Soluforce® fitting system.

The equipment is fully automatic and CNC controlled.
The welding system consists of :

a) CNC unit to make computer controlled welds, data acquisition of the welding parameters and driving the hydraulic system;
b) Welding generator for delivery of the electrical power for electrofusion;
c) Heating plate for heating up the pipe-ends necessary for making the liner butt-weld;
d) Welding frame for fixing the pipes and controlled welding process;
e) Pipe trimmers to prepare the pipe-end face before welding;

Soluforce® welding kit